ACER K750 Reviews – This Full HD projector enters the world of home cinema

This Full HD projector enters the world of home cinema with many advantages. The image quality should be improving, however.

Acer K750: an innovative projector but a bit expensive, This projector enters the world of home cinema with many advantages: light combination LED and laser, long life, a beautiful Full HD picture, refined ergonomics … But it is not very bright.


The main advantage of this Acer K750 projector is its backlight system without said lamp. It works with a hybrid backlight system using a laser and light emitting diodes (LED). The first light source is responsible to return the green LED restore while the other two primary colors forming images: blue and red. The big advantage of this technology is that it is more prone to wear as are conventional lighting devices must be replaced every 3000 or 4000 hours against 20,000 hours (announced) for this technology. What is the quality of the projections? The Acer K750 is there other advantages? Let’s take a closer look. Acer manufacturer best known for his work in laptops, desktops, marks a genuine desire to make a place in the world of home theater. This is at least what it feels like unpacking the Acer K750, a beautiful baby (32.1 x 23.1 x 8.7 cm – 4 kg) a very good design and provided with full connectivity.
Details & Reviews On ACER K750

Acer uses pretty much the hybrid

The Acer K750 is a direct competitor, the Viewsonic Pro 9000, also an operator mono DLP (including single chip DarkChip 3) light hybrid laser / LED. Just connected, we quickly realized that the Acer K750 is better calibrated than the Viewsonic Pro 9000, yet very pleasing to the eye. The rate of contrast and brightness modes of cinema (and 1840:1 147.2 cd / m²) “default” (1670:1 and 185 cd / m²), significantly better than the Viewsonic model, however, have nothing of whopping and it will be impossible to assess a projection without plunging the room into darkness. If the image sharpness Full HD is very good on both models, the Acer K750 offers a more faithful: skin tones are almost perfect and the details in the dark areas quite well rendered. Our probe is a good homogeneity and good color stability. Cinema Mode pulled slightly toward the blue, offering a made ​​a little cold, but this is easily corrected via the camera menus.

Very complete of the menus

Acer provides six preset picture settings (standard, movie, cinema dark, presentations, games, sports) and a user mode that allows you to create a specific profile through menus very detailed. Beyond the usual adjustments (brightness, contrast, gamma …), the ACER K750 offers settings for saturation, hue (working on skin tones) but also a color management very complete.

Some small services

Just like the Viewsonic Pro 9000, Acer K750 shows a diagonal rather short: 1.53 m diagonal with a decline of 2 m, the average being around rather than 1.7 m. With 3.5 m of decline, reaching 2.7 m image diagonal. We will quickly feeble power speakers: anyone spend nearly $ 1 800 in a projector movie fan will be enough to have a hi-fi system worthy of the name.
Final Reviews Of ACER K750

The Acer K750 operates fairly new technology videoprojection Hybrid Laser / LED. Better than its competitor, the Viewsonic Pro 9000, it should still not expect high quality services. The image benefits from a good dive, but should be more bright and contrasting. Adding that the technology is still quite expensive hybrid, here $ 1799 for a device that is not even compatible 3D.

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