Become Indispensable to Your Customers

Where do you begin to become what, as Seth Godin puts it, a “lynchpin,” someone of true value? For our ends, how can you show true value to your customers?

You might try content marketing. Content marketing is a bit of a broad term for us to use, but consider that many brands are created solely on brand value and content marketing. Take, for example, eBay and Amazon who email new offers and products to valued customers daily and who engage in building up the brand with strong customer service.

Customer Service
Through strong customer service, eBay entices big value sellers into using more of its services by pointing out a service that will increases bids by this amount, informing sellers how to open up their own storefront and more. EBay uses content heavy resources like help guides, emails, and blog content to sell these services.

Social Media
Social media marketing is a tool for more than simply creating buzz. You can become indispensable by hooking your followers up with unique tips and info. The problems inherent in social marketing can contradict themselves: you are supposed to personalize your message, but you don’t want to become too personal and separate from the product. Explaining how your dog is sick can be a waste of time, but showing how your customer sold 500 products doing this with your service, and including a link – that’s creating value.

Don’t Over Sell
You can avoid big sales pitches and long speeches – you can focus on benefits. The problem with many of us who are trying to give value to customers is we become too “salesy,” spamming them when it’s not necessary. You may not send 100 emails to a valued customer, but a few more personal messages. Rather than sounding like the latest infomercial, be a person – be personable. That’s one way to create unique messages that will standout from the spam.

Choose the Right Customers

Ultimately, your customers choose you, but you can choose to communicate with the most valuable ones. By prioritizing your time and spending it on the most receptive customers, you can strengthen the relationships that are really going to benefit your company. Building lasting relationships with clients can take a lot of time, so knowing which ones to spend it on can be very important.

Choose the Right Employees

Finally, to become more valued by your customers, who you choose to represent your service is also important. Hire employees who understand the ideas above, or who are willing to learn.

You need not reinvent the wheel with your strategies to become indispensable. Amazon simply emails customers new products based on their previous purchases. Simple and automated, yet it provides customers with a value few other companies offer.

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