Car Manufacturers Are Moving To Barcelona For Mobile World Congress

Big first: in Barcelona that is Ford has decided to reveal the final lines of the B-Max. This new model has been presented in world premiere at Mobile World Congress, the great mass of global telecom, which opens today. This choice is explained by the desire to communicate on Ford’s SYNC system, already broadcast on more than 4 million vehicles to date, and will happen in Europe with the B-Max. This small minivan will in fact integrate the voice command to control the wireless hands free and music on board, using the radio (with CD and DAB) or any type of USB device (key, MP3 player) or wirelessly connected to Bluetooth technology. The B-Max also introduces the emergency call, by using the mobile phone of the driver or passenger to directly call the emergency services in the local language determined by the location of the vehicle.

Ford in MWC 2012

Ford intended to term 13 million users worldwide by 2015, over 3.5 million in Europe. It also prepares the future through the concept Evos, already seen in Frankfurt last year, and is distinguished by the technology of “cloud computing”. with the information in the cloud, the vehicle offers its occupants the same connection at home or office. The car knows the driver and automatically adapts its road holding, its direction and engine management to get him an exceptional driving dynamics. Ford will be also compete for the Global Mobile Awards, a competition which concerns the applications in the automotive category for his SYNC system. But, mark the oval is not the only one making the trip to Barcelona. Mercedes are also nominated in the same competition for the AMG Performance Media application on Android (which stores data of the vehicle).

Ford SYNC Technology

Also other brands involved in conferences. This is the case of BMW and Nissan, as Ford also brainstorm on the topic of mobile communication board. Internet access and applications to deliver real time information are central to the strategy of a large number of manufacturers.

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