Christmas Shopping 2013, What Should I Buy ?

To institute GFK, despite the crisis, more than nine million high-tech devices should be purchased by the end of the year. Endless inventory.

Christmas is digital. According to the institute GFK, nearly 9.5 million high-tech products will be offered at the end of 2012. Some detail the content of the hood of the man in red …

No. 1, the smartphone

Nearly 2.2 million units will be purchased. Offers operators combining subscription and smartphone are a lot. The launch of new models like the LG Google Nexus or iPhone 5 also. And these innovations also help bring down the prices of previous models. So there is good business to do.

No. 2, the mobile phone

1.1 million sales will be completed by the end of the year. They are mostly purchased by parents for their children or the elderly. Lovers SMS and social networks are also major buyers of phones «simple».

No. 3 and 4 tie, televisions and tablets

Million each. The number of television cathode even in homes is very important. Hence a high turnover during the holidays. And new technologies do not fail to seduce connected TV, 3D models … As for tablets, they are the queens of the tree. Amazon Kindle Fire, iPad mini or Microsoft Surface, you are spoiled for choice.

No. 5, headsets

GFK estimated sales by 936,000 Christmas. Whether you are a player, or music that you have a small budget, there is necessarily a model for you. It should be noted that buyers do not hesitate to invest in high-end hardware.

No. 6 compact cameras

Even though they are gradually replaced by smartphones, these cameras are the hood 2012 years. 851,000 should be offered. This year, manufacturers have also made ​​efforts to design to attract consumers.

No. 7, game consoles salon

734,000 sales this winter. The arrival of the Wii U should participate in these good numbers. Although 64% of readers of Technology Reviews find it too expensive …

No. 8, the portable media players

In 2010, they were in fifth place. Last year in seventh position. This year it is expected to sell 605,000 the holidays with especially Apple products always attractive to consumers.

No. 9, the portable gaming

3D Nintendo DS XL or not, Sony PS Vita … without forgetting the older DS, DSi and PSP, you only have to choose from. It should sell 599,000. And why not offer an ancient Game Boy at a young quarantine?

No. 10, the notebook

560,000 expected sales at the end of the year. The arrival of Windows 8 is certainly not foreign to this figure. Netbook laptop to the player via the ultraportable, are all or almost! In this list published by Christmas 20 Minutes ago still conspicuously absent. The Reader mail. This product will most certainly part of Christmas shopping. Fnac has not expanded its Kobo in October by chance … And you, what would you like for Christmas?

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