Facebook Launched The Pages For Couples

Friendship pages do not work very well, the social network gives them a boost by launching pages 

The notion of privacy has a special dimension on Facebook. So you can shout in the face of all your friends that you are single, that it is complicated or if you are a couple. Now, if you have checked the mention or married couple and you have specified the name of the lucky (is) elected (e), a page will be devoted to both revealed the famous social network on his blog Thursday November 8, 2012.

Facebook Pages For Couples

Friendship pages already exist on the social network. They can highlight the elements shared between two people, photos, events, messages … Now, they are enriched version «couples» which is available through the link or by clicking on the mention of your family status. And if you’re single, the link simply refers to the About page to your Facebook account.

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