How to run Android operating program 4.4 KitKat on old phones

ndroid 4.4 (also now known as KitKat, in maintaining with the programs customized of dessert-themed nicknames), is predicted this 30 days. On its web page,, Search engines says, “It’s our objective with Android operating program KitKat to make an awesome Android operating program encounter available for everybody.”

Still, examine with your cell phone’s producer for reports about your particular design. Even if your cellphone is on the record for an formal upgrade from the maker, it often requires more time for the application to become available after Search engines produces an upgrade.

Many components creators have personalized Android operating program to work better on their own gadgets and have included their own functions to it — like customized connections or unique applications — so placing out a new edition of the program often needs some additional time.

And most do not hassle to upgrade application for designs more than a few years old, partially because of obsolete components and partially because of the wish to offer you a new cellphone.

(Owners of Google latest Nexus mobile phones generally get the upgrade easily, as Search engines places out its own simple edition of Android operating program.) Some people have gone the unofficial path and personalized their gadgets outside of the company’s formal recommendations.

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