Internet: boon or curse?

People say world has shriveled after the advent and mass use of Internet. With the blessings of modern technology, the way of communication has improved a lot. Technological advancements in the fields of communications have equipped us with devices and techniques that enable us to see the distant places and people sitting miles away. Thanks to internet, that has made world a global village.

With the advent of Internet, one can gather any knowledge about anything. The process of learning has become easier than earlier. With attractive visual effects and functional videos, the whole education process has become fun-filled and interesting. Children can now browse various sites to learn their daily lessons. Shopping and getting any service has become a lot easier. Just browsing the site can give you a detailed list of your local supplier or goods manufacturer. If you are looking more varieties for shopping, shop online by browsing the latest fashion accessory or the necessary equipment for your garden.

However, critics think internet has become a curse to the modern society. With easily available information about everything, people tend to gather the wrong ones. Pornography, dirty MMS sending and sharing morphed photos, violent online games and so on are getting popular day-by-day. People are spending more time in chats and social networking sites and wasting time, money and energy. People feel it is good or bad but technology continues, never stops.

Internet has made an easy life for everyone. But it is our duty to use the device intelligently so that it can be used for the development of the mankind, not destruction. There are numerous apps, including mobile loans and agency are active in market paid or free which makes people understand , before using anything it is advisable to find its pros and cons, so we can make our live safe and easy.

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