Malaysia Highlands & Hills

The two most famous highlands in Malaysia are the Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands. Cameron Highlands is a lush green area filled with tea plantations, vegetables and strawberry farms, and of course hill resorts. Genting Highlands has a world-class entertainment centre, notably a casino and a theme park, as well as a number of hotels. These places are popular with the local folks and businessmen as a place of comfort and relaxation, as well as being relatively near to Kuala Lumpur compared to other tourist destinations.

The hills and highlands featured here have a number of resorts and tend to be quite touristy. If you prefer less crowd and more adventure, it’s better to go trekking in the National Park and climb hills in the: Jungle.

Nevertheless, do not abandon the idea of enjoying Malaysia hills and highlands just because you love jungle trekking; Malaysia highlands also gives you the rare opportunity to go exotic bird-watching and spotting rare insects (including Malaysia butterflies).

Short nature treks are available on Malaysia highlands and hills and the cool, green view from the top is a worthwhile experience.

List of Malaysia Highlands & Hills

State: Pahang

1.) Cameron Highlands

2.) Genting Highlands

3.) Fraser Hill

4.) Bukit Tinggi

State: Perak

1.) Maxwell Hill

2.) Bukit Larut

Penang Island (Pulau Pinang)

1.) Bukit Bendera

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