Malaysia Islands

Fancy a place to relax, enjoy the warm sun and forget the worries of the world?
Come visit Malaysia Islands.

Redang, Perhentian, Tioman, Sipadan, Rawa and Pangkor are some of the most serene and breath-taking of islands in this region. The beauty of these Malaysia islands include the coral reefs and the marine life, as well as the natural scenery on the islands themselves. A short weekend excursion won’t be enough. Most people stay for a week or more when they visit these islands.

If you prefer a more historical place, Langkawi and Labuan would be your choice. You’ll get to know Malay culture and legends (Langkawi), and learn about the historical events from World War II and the Japanese Occupation in South East Asia (Labuan). Of course, Labuan is also known for its diving spots as well.

Penang is the place to be to see the melting pot of Malay, Indian and Chinese culture. The food is also excellent here and there are a variety of restaurants around the island, especially if you’re a lover of seafood and curry. Visit Penang Island as it’s easily accessible by road and air.

You won’t run out of activities if you visit Malaysia Islands!

List of Malaysia Islands:

Islands in West Malaysia (Peninsular)

West Coast Malaysia:

Penang Island (Pulau Pinang)
The pearl of West Coast Malaysia – an industrial hub as well as the best place to savour the local cuisines.

State: Johor
1.) Pulau Rawa

State: Kedah
1.) Pulau Langkawi

State: Perak
1.) Pulau Pangkor

East Coast Malaysia:

State: Pahang
1.) Pulau Tioman

State: Terengganu

1.) Pulau Perhentian
This island is located 19 miles off the coast of Terengganu. Another great place to snorkel and enjoy the sights of tropical marine life.

2.) Pulau Redang
This island is part of the Pulau Redang Marine Park.
Pulau Redang is situated 45km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu.
It is 22km from the town of Merang, where you can get a 40-minute boat ride to the island from the Merang jetty.

3.) Pulau Tinggol / Tenggol
Tinggol Island offers a variety of water activities such as diving and snorkelling as well as the usual sunbathing and island-trekking activities.

4.) Pulau Kapas

Islands in East Malaysia (Borneo):

1.) Pulau Labuan (Federal Territory)
Visit Pulau Labuan and the many smaller islands surrounding it. The seas around this area is famous for shipwreck diving and spotting marine life.

State: Sabah
1.) Pulau Sipadan

As stated in the other Tourist Attractions section, PLEASE:

1.)DO NOT throw rubbish around the island or the seas and water surrounding it. Pollution will destroy these islands.

2.)DO NOT take pieces of coral, plants, aquatic plants, marine life and other animals on the island and the seas surrounding it. Leave things as they naturally are.

3.)DO ASK PERMISSION to go sailing or boating and other similar activities. CHECK with the local authorities on SEA CONDITIONS and WEATHER CONDITONS. INFORM the relevant authorities if you’re going out to sea. The South China Sea and the sea around the Malacca Straits can get rough and nasty. DO NOT neglect your own safety. Wear life-jackets.

4.)If you’re diving or snorkelling, make sure you’re with a trained instructor, unless you yourself are a professional. DO NOT go out to sea alone. If emergency situations should arise (such as sudden leg cramps, heart-attack, being stung by a jelly-fish, etc), it is better to have others to help you.

5.)Once again, PLEASE DO NOT litter the island with rubbish. This matter can’t be stressed enough because too many ecological areas are being marred by thoughtless, careless people who disregard and disrespect nature. When you’re diving or snorkelling near Malaysia Islands, be careful not to leave rubbish in the sea.

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