Malaysia Natural Hot Springs

Natural hot springs are a common occurence in Peninsular Malaysia. These natural hot springs occur when water seeps into the earth and is heated by magma and pressure causes the water to rise again as a heated pool or hot spring.

Some locals believe that these natural hot springs have curative effects and can cure skin ailments such as rashes, pimples and fungi infections. Whether this is true or no remains to be scientifically proven, but these places have become a magnet for tourists and those seeking healing.

Some of Malaysia’s natural hot springs have developed into modern tourist attractions with shops, hotels, restaurants and changing rooms built nearby to accommodate visitors who are interested by this natural phenomena.

List of Natural Hot Springs in Malaysia

State: Melaka
Natural Hot Springs:
1.) Kolam Air Panas Gadek

State: Negeri Sembilan
Natural Hot Springs:
1.) Kolam Air Panas Pedas

State: Pahang
Natural Hot Springs:
1.) Kolam Air Panas Bentong

State: Sabah
Natural Hot Springs:
1.) Poring Hot Spring

State: Terengganu
Natural Hot Springs:
1.) LA Hot Springs, Besut

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