Samsung TVs Top of The Range Fly Gesture & The Voice

The new very high grade televisions from Samsung are heavily loaded with voice commands and gestures, without abandoning the remote. The TV series ES7000, ES8000 and ES9000 range between 1 600 to about $ 8,000.

It is on the three series of its very high grade televisions that Samsung has integrated the new control of options vocal and gestural, called Smart Interaction. These three functions supposed to free us from the use of remote (although strangely these models, Samsung in book two):

Gesture Control to adjust the volume, zapper, select an app or browse the Internet with the palm of the hand. So you find yourself the outstretched hand to the screen (or rather the integrated camera to the TV), open palm to navigate on the screen and closed palm to validate a transaction. Let us be clear in the mind it’s nice, but in practice this is not easy with the remote control. The contrary.

Voice Control to switch on the TV manage the volume, change TV channels, use Skype and navigate through the online services portal of Samsung. There too that looks simple and fun in appearance, but not easy to use on a daily basis, especially with children around. This is perfect for a single … provided that his speech is clear and he uses the right words.

Face Recognition for identifying the face of a user and simplify access to some applications like Skype. With facial recognition, need to enter his login and password. The use is still limited, but this feature is promising.

A smart TV is already well equipped

Three series of televisions thus integrate these functions: ES7000 series (40, 46 and 55 inches), the ES8000 series (40, 46, 55 and 65 inches) and ES9000 series (75-inch only). The first prize is 1 199 USD for 40 inch Series ES7000. This is a beautiful TV LED backlight Crystal TV design advantage (5 mm thick), a swivel stand with four arms and comes with two remotes (the classic model and the Smart Touch Control).

For the rest, it’s heavy with the presence of a dual core processor, a 800 Hz scan mode, the Micro Dimming technology to optimize contrast, the “Color Sublimator Plus”, 3D active (two pairs of glasses are included)of the compatibility MHL (Mobile High Definition Link), Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, DLNA, USB Recorder of the function control with direct, Cloud of service and AllShare Play Smart Evolution of the kit. In short, a nice smart TV, 3D graphics, multimedia and scalable, offering also a outstanding image quality.

Everything is played about details

The ES8000 series was cast in the same mold, but with a screen size extra (65 inches), a foot and a different design and the Ultimate version of the Micro Dimming technology. Starting price: 1 599 USD for 40 inches. As at 75 inches from the ES9000 series, it offers, too, a design different from others, plus a sound system more powerful technology Precision Black for strengthening the contrast and the presence of four pairs of 3D glasses. Its price: 7 990 USD.

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