TEST Call Of Duty Black Ops II, Back To The Future Explosive

Efficient and well managed, this new Call of Duty Black Ops II perfectly meets the specifications of the license, beating strong, by putting full eyes and a little innovative.

Forgotten! Gone are the days when a stamped in Treyarch Call of Duty Black Ops II was always tinged with disappointment. Since imperfect but fulgurating Call of Duty Black Ops and massive investment in the studio this license, and the rout of Infinity Ward, Treyarch studio is the king of FPS Activision warrior. And he proves it with this sequel not only successful but also innovative … And as far as can be Call of.

As a Duty Black Ops II, it’s mostly show and possibly a scenario. Once again, the credibility is not the strong point of this title, but the result is ultimately no more unlikely that many, Hollywood turnip. At least Treyarch offers choices (killing-so, the only injury, etc.). certain times of the game, that will change the course of history and induce several purposes. Then do not spoil our fun, especially as we travel, and time and space and you do not get bored … It will be appreciated even parallel between two cold wars, which opposed the USA and the USSR in the near future, which sees face USA and China, amid battle for dominance of rare metals. The war becomes hot when a called Ménendès, nasty game, makes its appearance, motivated, if not haunted by a past that involves the hero of the first Black Ops: Masson and Woods. We then replay this duo, while following, as Masson junior the son of the confidences Woods, now old and in a wheelchair.

We talked about renewal in Call of Duty Black Ops II

Despite this bridge with the previous episode, the single-player campaign that Duty Black Ops II – that takes into in breath between 6 and 7h, Therefore attempts to renew the recipe CoD mixture of non-stop action, explosions and scripts stupid and nasty. Thus, one finds, despite the ubiquity of scripts rather well managed, can “explore” a bit around to find boxes of ammunition or weapons complementary. Not a revolution, just one more. Real change takes the form of missions “secondary” baptized Force assault, buttressed with squad tactics and deployment of units. Unlocked throughout the game, they are only visible for a time and have an impact on the final story, without really having an impact on the missions themselves. The stated goals are simple: to secure a place, destroy another, all with infantry, drones and robotic mini tank assaults. However, in addition to a deployment interface which is not always the clearest in the heat of the action, the real fault of these missions resident in the troops well managed by artificial intelligence. Once we gave them a goal to take, you can be sure they’ll find themselves immersed in a pool of blood if you do not come to take things in hand. It ends up playing his tactical missions as those played the single player campaign without relying on the support of “bots.”

Guns of Call of Duty Black Ops II

Because the paucity of comrades is at best laughable and at worst rageante. Getting because a flank bot is not able to kill an enemy coming from the side, it is quite surprising. At least he could announce the arrival of a weapon dangerous pretext stopped or an urge, it is not able to squeeze a trigger. And triggers, there is something for everyone, with a large variety of weapons and even downright stunning futuristic gadgets, like the gun that is charged for shooting down an enemy through a wall or suction cups that stick to any wall. For the rest, touch screens and interfaces futuristic Call of Duty Black Ops II simply replace the remote control to switch Call of Duty Black Ops I. However, for those who have played Medal of Honor Warfighter and was disappointed by the behavior of weapons, it is important to note that this Call of Duty Black Ops II arsenal, if not realistic, returns true feelings rather pleasant . Empty charger has never been so much fun, even if the referred shoulder is always recommended to make a card quickly.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Classic but rethought

So it is with pleasure that are found in multi. This is certainly where the biggest chunk of this game will take time to get their bearings and elect their favorite cardseven if Nuketown 2025 has the potential attractiveness previously viewed and effectiveness of his eldest. Some of the most strained remind maps found in Modern Warfare 3, which is not a bad sign. And besides that Treyarch continues Modern Warfare 3 had undertaken, namely an opening to the noob, the beginner. Now, “assists” actions in support of all kinds are better rewarded in terms of points. This facilitates top rankings if you do not run after the kills in a game of capture the flag, for example. Same, drones and other heavy attacks take a little more time to be available which avoids further destabilize a party when an avalanche kills almost certainly resulted in a victory for the team enjoyed a sudden air support strong. Call of Duty Black Ops II shot easier for novices and harder for the bitter short, everyone should find his pleasure. In addition, the customization of classes is now much freer. Each class has 10 points, each weapon improvements, asset, etc.. worth one point. We can thus be left with a primary weapon bristling improvements and no secondary weapon, or have two main weapons. In short, we can adapt the class to his game or even maps that will face.

Private the clan

Except there on PC in any case, a big disappointment due to Treyarch’s decision to completely control servers to avoid cheats and hacks other unpleasant – which is a good thing. It is therefore impossible to find his little favorites jealously selected with Call of Duty Black Ops 2 server or find a clan that was particularly fond. We can create games with friends, but it seems very little when we tasted total freedom. So we spent the nerves on the zombie mode, really consistent, even if it eventually returns, despite the fashion and Tranzit bus to face, preferably with friends, a succession of waves of zombies ever more numerous and resistant. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 demonstrates that Treyarch is now the head of the studio licensed Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Enjoyable and effective, these different game modes provide a performance and quality entertainment, despite some slowdowns incongruous solo on a PC rather solid. Anyway, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is loyal to his elder without differentiating him as much as the Modern Warfare trilogy. But can we complain? No. Because it really feel to have value for money.

More details about Call of Duty Black Ops II

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Release Date: November 13, 2012
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U (coming soon)
Price: From $59.96

– The duration of the campaign solo honest
– Weapons
– The introduction of choice in Call of Duty
– The multiplayer classic but effective

– The scenario …?
– The gameplay of side missions
– AI stupid as his feet
– Some slowdowns
– Servers

Rating: 4/5

Test Setup
Intel Core i7 930 2.8 GHz
GeForce GTX 570
Resolution: 1920×1080
FPS average number of 40, falling to 20 with maximum settings. Fluid.
Windows 7 64-bit

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