The 4 Ws (and one H) of Emailing Marketing

How do you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns? You need the right strategy for calling prospects to action. If you want your web marketing strategy to engage buyers, how you use emails, how you construct them, who you send them to and when you send them, all become important. Here’s the who, what, when, the why and the how of email marketing.

Why use email marketing? 
Can’t blogging or social marketing engage prospects better? Email is still one of the most effective channels for reaching buyers. Social media has been all the buzz over the last few years and works great for many companies. But with social media, not everyone logs in every day and not everyone is on every site. Where as pretty much everyone has email that they check daily if not multiple times a day. It’s important to consider email marketing as a powerful way to get your message across.

How should you use emails? 
This all depends on the nature of your business and the kind of buyer you are pitching. The best strategy may be to use email marketing to better understand your buyer. Learn where your leads are coming from, what your prospects want and what your customers are happy or unhappy with. If you only create content to sell your products, your readers may lose interest. If you offer valuable content, actually help them get something, you may build your brand. Each strategy should be unique in some way and may work best when personalized.

What’s the message?

Instead of sending out generalized emails, why not send out some personalized emails? And I’m talking about more than simply sticking their name at the top of it. If you have a buyer who brings you more business than any other client, why not send him or her a personalized email once a month offering some unique product or special? The problem with many email campaigns is they get caught in generalizing messages to mass audiences, like a commercial. If someone not only address the message to you and thanks you for your business, but then also offers a product related to your other purchases or interests, it makes for a much better sales pitch and is less likely to be pegged as spam.

Who do you send your emails to? 
Well, there are many strategies for building an email list. You can build an email list simply from people who have already bought your products, people who signup for your email, or if you want to try something different you can try building a list with social marketing. If you have people signup for an email, give them something of value – such as a eBook on how to save money, as a way to add value.

And finally, when (or how often) should you send them?
Is there a limit on how many emails you send to prospects? This is your judgment call, though once a year is too little and four times a day is probably a little too much. You need to do what you feel works for your product and service. If you’re offering deals or sales in your emails, you might consider sending emails out more frequently than someone sending a newsletter. Some buyers may love getting emails every single day where others feel once a week or once a month is adequate. One way is to let the buyer decide when they sign up for your mailing list and have options for daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly emails.

While email marketing may seem to be taking a back seat to social marketing, it remains one of the most effective marketing strategies.

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