The Maps API Amazon Fate Of Beta

Amazon has a knack for inviting where competition does not really expected, so too does its mapping application that makes available in its final version on Kindle platform. So far, this is indeed Google Maps that is installed by default with the purchase of a Kindle Fire, the Amazon tablet multimedia. Choice “default” to satisfy customers could soon be replaced by the Amazon home solution.

Amazon presented its API mapping and geolocation last September, leaving him time to improve through a beta phase. Giant online sales has today announced the end of the status and availability of the final version of its application.

The API has attracted the interest of developers like Hipmunk, Evernote, Trulia or Zillow that have directly implemented in their respective applications, Amazon offers it may soon own version of GPS application in its next Kindle tablet.

Leveraging interactive maps and layers customizable, it is still early to know whether the mapping service will be place next to Google Maps widespread in the market for smartphones and tablets.However, the deliberate choice of Amazon shows a little more control of the manufacturer to differentiate a little Google and want to create as a legitimate identity in the market for mobile devices.

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