The New Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

Finally. Treyarch. We got used to thinking that Activision studio as the ugly duckling of the family, who went out every two years the “wrong” Call of Duty, Infinity Ward cared for the “good” episode . Call of Duty Black Ops II, and then everything changed.

The New Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Treyarch confirmed his growing fluency with the Call of Duty series and delivers a classic episode and effective in multi, but surprisingly enough alone. Dense and rather lengthy single-player campaign becomes entangled in a scenario too big for her, but it gives a good feeling joystick in hand and a substantial freedom in his narrative. However, the action itself does not move much, and scripts to repeat, like a bit ludicrous situations that are often offered in the adventure continue to have their detractors. But one thing is certain: Treyarch is the episode of confirmation. And for the Call of Duty series, perhaps the beginning of a evolution …

Not perfect, of course, a bit messy but different, it marked a turning point in the history of the developer, to the point of today granted a series in its own name, The New Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Sure, this subtitle is now also run as Modern Warfare. To exceed the point?

More than sixty years after the events of Black Ops, the political situation has changed, but the world is still in boiling … if you can say. Because in 2025, the war is again a dish best served cold, between two very different conceptions giants: on the one hand, the United States, still and always, and the other a communist giant with feet of steel, China. The production of rare earth ore, used in almost all electronic devices of the future, is indeed a monopoly in Beijing and the sudden drop in its course makes the Middle Kingdom particularly susceptible.

This scholarship is awarded to plunge American influence, but it is actually a former narco-trafficker wealthy, Raul Menendez, who is behind this attack supposed to destabilize the two superpowers. Behalf of his small group, Cordis Die, he harangued the masses down from his Youtube channel and managed, by dint of fiery speeches in 240p, trigger unrest across the planet. To better understand this enemy insaississable, the authorities sent David Mason and colleagues Navy SEALS ask Frank Woods, a former sergeant in the Marines well known players of Black Ops. He will tell the young Mason’s origins Menendez, strongly linked to the adventures of his father, Alex Mason, Central America, Afghanistan and elsewhere, and to shine the reasons behind the actions of cyber-terrorism …

The manner of the first episode, The New Call of Duty Black Ops 2 relies so heavily on flashbacks, anchoring some of its missions in historical events, largely fictionalized. The war in Afghanistan and the American invasion of Panama (Noriega in with a superb hat) will have the honor of one or more missions, according to the recollections of Sergeant Woods. The game does not neglect the events of 2025, and the single player campaign will be the scene of constant crossover between two cold wars brutal one than the other. Machete blows in full throat in Angola, Afghanistan torture sessions, beheadings saber branches in Yemen or shotgun shots of the future in Pakistan, Treyarch spares us nothing of the hard lives of our spooks, past or future.

At first, this restless time may not help to set the mood; lapidaries dialogue exchanged between two shootings either. But by dint of listening to good ramble Woods, it slowly begins to understand the issues and to identify where the game tries to lead us, with all the finesse of his heavy clogs. Very naughty wicked, treacherous totally unlikely Machiavellian plans échaufaudés three generations and twists acadabrantesques, the scenario of The New Call of Duty Black Ops 2 does not have the sophistication of the first Black Ops, but it follows without displeasure, like a good turnip Hollywood that hides the gaps behind the scenario of large explosions.

Several Ends And Different In The New Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

In his defense, the Call of Duty series has always been good at the action for discussion. In the new Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, we will therefore not hurt crashing airplanes, some helicopters, a motorway and a piece of property, it may be possible to sink an aircraft carrier or explode the ruins of Afghanistan, and we will have the leisure to fly an aircraft, UAVs, and even a horse a wingsuit, that sort of costume flying squirrel. In short, we will not have too much time to get bored, lulled by the comforting hum of scripts without surprise but generally well resolved. Joystick in hand, the title is a delight with weapons that meet and sensations just waiting for you – the weapons of fishing, as grenades and fighting are very pleasant, despite IA, often with strawberries.

Treyarch has yet tried to change the formula history, breaking the routine by incorporating a good deal of freedom in the workings of the new Call Of Duty Black Ops 2. Talk about freedom in a Call of these games where the flight of a corpse seems already written even before we have pulled the trigger, of course, can make you smile. But throughout the campaign, as crucial moments during some downtime, the game will “choose”, sometimes implicitly, orientation events. And those choices have consequences: people maimed or killed outright and therefore absent from subsequent missions, dialogues and even modified further mission will “reward” choices, or otherwise attempt to catch misguided decisions taken in the heat of the action.

These variations are well integrated and even lead to several different purposes, consequences of choices made several missions before. Of course, the structure of the campaign remain the same, the sequence and also the conduct of missions, and the changes made to the story will have relatively little effect on the action itself. In other words, it is closer to the freedom of Heavy Rain than that of Dishonored. But the effort is substantial and justifies a second run in the brave, which is not so common for a Call of. But on the first pass, the new Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 is in the upper range of the series next life, with seven-eight hours already guaranteed without pushing too difficult.

To do this, Treyarch has not merely sent Mason and his buddies around the world; the dozen main missions of the campaign are long, but they are not alone. The game offers additional missions grouped under the appellation “Assault Force”, moving away from the traditional FPS formula of the series to offer us something more tactical. Specifically, the player controls one or more squads of soldiers, backed by possible drone that can monitor from a tactical also appear where the enemy forces. At any time, you can dive to the ground by taking control of its units. Objectives vary (defending a base, kill or defend a VIP escort a convoy …), but the tests are drastically limited and victory as defeat will affect the events of the campaign, more or warming less relationships across the world. Entertaining, if not revolutionary, especially since everything is played on cards with very small dimensions.

Does The New Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Have Zombies

Obviously, the solo part is one of the elements behind the success of the series. Like its predecessors, Black Ops offers a multiplayer full split in two: Zombies and Multiplayer. After World at War and the first Black Ops zombies are indeed their comeback on the one hand, the usual survival mode, and secondly in Tranzit mode, where players walking bus dinners abandoned in old barns. Small goals complement the gameplay, but again, the goal is to survive waves of increasingly resistant undead. Fun, letting off steam, but quite limited.

The multiplayer itself it includes all competitive modes, deathmatch hardcore capture points, through new multiplayer modes and team hardpoint. System experience and assets of all kinds is back, but Treyarch tries to make the parts a bit easier for beginners. First, through a training mode, where you learn to move and explode the heads of his opponents in teams half human, half artificial intelligence. Then, by introducing a scoring less centered on the frag hardcore. We thus obtain points for each assistance for long shots, for having avenged his attacker …

The drones and other bonuses are unlocked as more parsimonious, but smaller maps and side arms provide expeditious always brutal side to multi. New Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 and greatest asset is the number of players: a few hours after the shop, we already tens of thousands, whatever the time of day, and That is necessarily pleasant, especially as the game is trying not to over mix players of different levels in the same game. Treyarch also trying to break esports side, with facilities to broadcast its games on Youtube, and a theater mode that is more accessible.

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