The Next Mercedes S Class Will Be A Benchmark For Safety

Planned for next year, the new Mercedes S Class wants to play the role of a pioneer in road safety and offer a 360-degree surveillance of all that is happening around the vehicle. Mercedes intends to network all safety systems (active and passive), to better protect occupants and also to prevent other users. The Mercedes S Class will also be the difference in his driving aids, including functions related to lighting.

Mercedes S Class safety offer 360 degree

Of course, the flagship Mercedes will build on systems already proven, as Distronic Plus (which keeps the distances and slows the vehicle in a downturn) BAS Plus (which according to the survey Gidas “German In-Depth Accident Study” could prevent or reduce the severity of 27% of all accidents at intersections involving injury. This equates to approximately 20,000 accidents per year in Germany alone.) with Brake Assist (which takes into account the traffic at intersections) and Pre Safe system, triggering of the occupant protection measures, such as by retracting belts before impact. This device has been enhanced to operate the automatic braking in case of pedestrian detection up to 50 km / h. The Pre Safe Plus can also detect an imminent collision from behind and goes to activate the brakes, when the vehicle is actually hit (which prevents secondary accidents).

Mercedes S Class Night View detect dark animals

With 6 radar, 5 cameras (including stereo mode) and 12 ultrasonic sensors, the Mercedes S Class will also incorporate several support systems to conduct:

– Attention Assist detects signs of fatigue and warn the driver in time when it is time to pause,
– Active Lane Keeping Assist, which takes into account the oncoming traffic and prevents the vehicle from unintentionally leaving the lane by applying the brakes on one side when the path is not clear,
– The recognition of the panels to take account of the speed and the areas where passing is not allowed,
– The beam Assist PLUS adaptive to better illuminate the night without glare (the beam being hidden when you cross in front of vehicles detected by the camera)
– Rear lights of varying intensity (which prevent users behind when hard braking) …

Among the innovations in lighting, (In addition, the Mercedes S Class is the first car with a 100% LED lighting. The company has planned to star no less than 190 light-emitting diodes to illuminate the road, the vehicle’s interior and trunk.) there is the system Night View Assist Plus can now detect in the dark animals (at a distance of 100 m) in addition to pedestrians (visible at 160 m) and show a potential hazard on the dashboard screen. As derived from a function related to the projector to direct a portion of the luminous flux toward the obstacle.

Mercedes S Class will also offer rear inflatable seat belts

Finally, Mercedes S Class will also offer rear inflatable seat belts.

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