The rivers in the Taman Negara are well-known for exciting water-rafting expeditions – Malaysia Rivers

Rivers have always played an important role in Malaysia’s history. Other than being a source of water and food (fish), the river was a link to towns and villages in the Malaysian countryside. Nowadays, highways, railways and air-travel have replaced the river as a means of travel in most parts of Malaysia, but there are some areas, especially in Borneo, where rivers still link rural villages to towns and are used to transport goods and people.

Though Malaysia Rivers are not strongly promoted as a tourist attraction, it does not mean that they are less interesting and unique. The rivers in the Taman Negara are well-known for exciting water-rafting expeditions.

Rivers near towns and cities offer river cruises and firefly-watching activities, whereas Borneo’s wide and many rivers offer an unforgettable experience through jungle, raw countryside and traditional villages peopled by ethnic tribes.

Malaysia rivers and riverside is a haven for wildlife and plant life. Do not be alarmed to see crocodiles silently peering from the waters, even swimming next to boats and close to riverside villages.

Take a boat trip, a slow river cruise or ride the fast express boats (in Borneo only), and traverse the Malaysia Rivers. Savour the warm breeze and gentle splashes as you gaze out at the greenery around you. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

You’ve seen the photos and read about the rivers in Malaysia. How about experiencing a river tour or even white-water rafting for yourself?

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List of Malaysia Rivers:

Rivers in West Malaysia (Peninsular)

State: Kedah
1.)Sungai Sedim – Karangan

State: Perak
1.)Sungai Perak

State: Selangor
1.)Sungai Gombak
2.)Sungai Kelang

State: Terengganu
1.)Sungai Terengganu – Kuala Terengganu
2.)Sungai Marang

State: Pahang
1.)Sungai Kenau – Sungai Lembing
2.)Sungai Pahang

Rivers in East Malaysia (Borneo)

State: Sabah
1.)Sungai Kinabatangan

State: Sarawak
1.)Sungai Batang Lupar
2.)Sungai Baram – Miri
3.)Sungai Rajang


1.)DO NOT pollute Malaysia Rivers with rubbish or any other material that may be detrimental to the river such as foreign liquids, detergents and pesticides. A river filled with plastic bags and McDonald’s cartons is not the sight you’d want to see.

2.)DO NOT take plants, insects and local wildlife from the river. However, you may apply for a license or permit to fish for some of the fishes in the river.
Fishing is not prohibited in most rivers except for some areas in the Taman Negara, as some endangered fish species are found there. Do ask the relevant authorities or you may be fined for illegal fishing activities.

3.)DO BE CAREFUL if you’re swimming across or in a river. Some rivers do have crocodiles and water-snakes! At the least, you’ll be bitten by leeches.
DO NOT SWIM in a river at night or during bad weather. You may get drowned even though the river is narrow, as riverbed conditions may change (become soft and muddy) and you may be dragged under by the currents.
Try to find other means of crossing a river if it’s night-time or the weather is poor.

4.)Don’t go rafting or boating without a trained Guide or Instructor if you intend to explore rivers in the Taman Negara. You may not be familiar with the route and can get lost. Don’t forget to wear a life-jacket.

5.)Try not to disturb the local wildlife. Especially if it’s a crocodile! You will not be able to outrun it and it can follow you onto dry land. If you’re swimming in the river and see a crocodile, try to get out of the river as silently and as rapidly as possible. Never try to wrestle a crocodile, it’ll be your last match.

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