To Infinity and Beyond: The Future of Business Blogging

The world seems to be getting smaller as new phones, portable eReaders and laptops with worldwide wi-fi flood the market, just in time for holiday buying. While it’s not Christmas quite yet, you may be wondering what can differentiate your business in a market full of new ideas trying to get the economy back on track. While the economy struggles, more and more of us are looking for new ways to build business. Blogging may be one of the best.

While it’s not difficult to get a blog going, there are nearly 150 million blogs with 65,000 being created every day (according to Blog Pulse, 11-04-10). The best marketing strategy for blogging success may simply be to show you are different.

Blogging is in demand, and bloated, but it also has room for growth. We may see brand new ideas for video and audio content streaming on common blogs soon. Blog marketing drives many businesses. While PR, social marketing, direct marketing and others each open up doors to readers; a friendly blog is a marketing message with built in value. It’s like the editor’s page: more personal and opinionated.

Can you really afford the time it takes to run a successful blog when your other marketing plans are ongoing? That is a rather loaded question, but consider that spending 2-3 hours per week tweaking and updating a blog can show great value. You have to decide your own involvement. It depends on where you want to focus your efforts, and since blogging is being eclipsed by other forms like social marketing, it’s understandable not to be excited about your 110 millionth blog. Using your blog as a useful reference site to build content marketing into your business, on the other hand, may prove to be more of a boon than you think.

It’s not easy to get value from a blog. The blog market is full of people who know what they’re doing and many more who don’t and some who simply don’t care. With some off the wall strategies, unique themes, some free content or paid content, you can propel your blog into a real business-building tool. You may post more than is common, decide to personalize everything, or draw from your own life stories.

Can you do better with a Facebook or LinkedIn campaign? Why not tweet instead of blog? The best strategy is to use everything you have time for and use them together. Tweet about your blog posts, use your blog to promote your Facebook contest and so on. A simple blog page constantly updated may do better for a small business lacking the time to run a Facebook account and send out press releases. A larger company may have the time to use all three.

Are you in the know with blog marketing? Blogs are still at the forefront of web marketing. Google keeps finding new ways to monetize them, new “cool” themes are being designed to make your WordPress blog stand out and more than a few of us are seeing big time results. Where are we to go next? The future of blogging is anyone’s guess. It may be in more demand than ever before.

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